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Chinese New Year at WowYauChow-Part 2

With the Chinese New Year celebrations well under way at WowYauChow, we wanted to hold an event for all the local businesses in the surrounding area and get to know our neighbours over some delicious canapés and a drink or two.

The story of WowYauChow is one of great authenticity as it comes from a long line of family run eateries, both past and present. Working with and developing old family recipes, our founder and MD Henry Yau has enjoyed exploring his roots whilst embarking on the next stage of the journey with Chinese food. We wanted to celebrate the traditions of this amazing culture and pay homage to the history of our founder by welcoming our friends and neighbours to a private event to celebrate the start of the Year of the Pig.

WowYauChow put on a range of activities throughout the evening for the local business community to participate in including writing wishes for the traditional Wishing Tree and Chinese tea tasting.

The Chinese New Year tradition of the wishing tree arguably began hundreds of years ago in Lam Tsuen, Hong Kong. During Chinese New Year, villagers would travel for miles to visit the sacred Lam Tsuen wishing trees, two ancient banyan trees situated near the Tin Has Temple. Historically people would burn joss sticks before writing their wishes down, tying it to a small orange or kumquat, and then throwing the wish up to hang in the branches of the trees. It was believed that if the wish successfully hung onto one of the branches, the persons wish would come true.

Guests enjoyed a range of canapés including sweet and sticky ribs and terracotta soldiers as well as some Lucky Buddhas and Prosecco to accompany the delicious feast. WowYauChow held a raffle on the evening with the top prize being a meal for two voucher at the restaurant. I am delighted to say that WowYauChow raised £91 for the Make a Wish Foundation from the raffle.

A massive thank you to everyone who joined us over the Chinese New Year period and celebrated the Year of the Pig with us. Wishing you all good fortune and best wishes for the year to come.

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