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Main Menu

Click on the links below for our Regular, Vegan, Gluten Free and Halal Menus:

Click Here: Swinton Menus

Click Here: Altrincham Menus

Click Here: Halal Menus available from Altrincham and Swinton


Swinton: Sat from 3pm (Last Sitting 3.30pm)

Altrincham: Sat from 1pm (Last Sitting 3.30pm)

You can enjoy just one basket for £15, or multiple baskets, and with BottomLess Drinks Options:

All BottomLess offers are for 90 minutes.


2024_05_04 - Classic TakeOut Style Menu Post.jpg

Meals at our restaurant are typically garnished, dressed and served together with sides - but as some of you enjoy "building" your own plate - so we are now introducing a new range of mains without any dressing or sides and so more "Chinese Takeaway" style.

2023_09_27 - Halal Post.jpg

Introducing our Halal Menu from Altrincham and Swinton - hit the link to reserve your table, or if ordering a takeout, please add "Halal" onto the instructions.

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