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Swinton: Sat from 3pm (Last Sitting 3.30pm)

Altrincham: Sat from 1pm (Last Sitting 3.30pm)

You can enjoy just one basket for £14 - or there are 3 BottomLessOptions:

- BottomLessFood Only 

- 1 Basket / BottomLessDrinks

- BottomLess Everything

All BottomLess offers are for 90 minutes.


PhatManFu 1.JPG

Swinton: Thu & Sun

Altrincham: Wed & Thu

Choose One Fu Basket:

1) OneManFu / VeganManFu £31

2) PhatManFu / PhatVeganFu £35

With 90 minutes of  BottomLess Drinks.

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