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Our Founder and MD, Henry Yau has for a long time harboured a mission of launching his individual take on a Chinese concept, and has been working hard behind the scenes to bring WowYauChow to life.

The story of WowYauChow is one of great authenticity as Henry comes from a long line of family run Chinese eateries, both past and present. Working with and developing old family recipes, Henry has enjoyed exploring his roots whilst embarking on the next stage of the journey with Chinese food.

We often get asked about our name and where the idea came from, the simple explanation is as follows, “Wow” is what we always strive for, and as trust and values is central to what we do, our Founder and MD Henry Yau is prepared to put his name on it “Yau”, and “Chow” is simply what we do and what we are about – a Chinese Chow Down!

We welcome everyone to enjoy a casual dining experience, serving up British Chinese favourites whilst introducing a Chinese street food twist to the menu. We are very serious about our food and giving great service, but as the name suggests, we have a playful side too!


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2023_09_27 - Halal Post.jpg

 Our New ChowSushi 

#Sushi and #HotFood offering being trialled at #Swinton from today (16th Feb) to EatIn / Takeout. Head to our website to reserve a table or place your takeout order for collection and delivery.

Also available via JustEat and Deliveroo.

Click on the link below to order


Swinton: Sat from 3pm (Last Sitting 3.30pm)

Altrincham: Sat from 1pm (Last Sitting 3.30pm)

You can enjoy just one basket for £15, or multiple baskets, and with BottomLess Drinks Options:

All BottomLess offers are for 90 minutes.

Click on the link below to reserve your table now!

Introducing our Halal Menu from Altrincham and Swinton - hit the link to reserve your table, or if ordering a takeout, please add "Halal" onto the instructions.


For more details about #ChowCoins - click here.



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WYC Swinton

WYC Rochdale

Restaurant 0161 928 9931

Delivery 07840 055310

59 Stamford New Road, 

Altrincham, Manchester WA14 1DS 

Restaurant 0161 718 5206
219 - 221 Chorley
Swinton, Manchester M27 6AZ 

Re-Opening 2023

3 - 5 Yorkshire Street

Rochdale, Manchester OL16 1BH 

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